Oct 16, 2008

Can Just Do It?

Dwayne, my house mate is training for the Police Academy, so we've been running/walking for the last two weeks.

Last week, we could barely finish a half mile.

Tomorrow we do a timed mile.

"After a major study in a group of 125,000 humans, the average mean time was approx. 10:07:79."

Tomorrow, I hope to attain slightly below the average, thereafter, Im going to kick the average's ass over the next few months.

I was bored a couple weeks ago... This newfound goal has satiated some of my needs to find some sort of additional meaning or goals. I have even began to alter my diet.

Hopefully the volunteering thing works out, it's still in limbo. Regardless, I'd like to find something beyond running.

I think the whole progression and introduction of new activities is probably something a freelancer needs to be successful. I have an abundance of downtime, and realistically cannot maintain a high production rate with work without some source of distraction. Thankfully, things have fallen into place in fulfilling my needs.


Angela said...

You got it, baby. Freelancers need this to prove their legs still work. Run on! Get a bike and we'll do some mountain biking.

jimiyo said...

Ha.... Sure thing Angela, if I keep up with the new health routine, a bike might not be too far into the future. Although I'll have to get some of that catastrophic health insurance first. :)

And regarding molding young minds, I think I might be down for it again... I should hit some downtime soon. Gotta big project I have to finish. It has to be the most raddest piece of art EVER!!!