Oct 16, 2008

Brain Dump - Pseudo Intellectual Drivel & Story About My Gmaw

Story About My Gmaw

My Gmaw (Grandmother) was questioning her motives on deciding to go to Japan to minister to Japanese women about her Christian beliefs.

She was thinking that there be a possibility that it may not be what God wanted her to do.

She somewhat joked, "They say that when we get older, we become like children."

She explained that when we are children, we are very self centered and needy, and then as we get older, we tend to revert to childish ways and become self centered, also that in the middle of our life, we are the most sacrificing.

I rebuttled, "Well, I'm going to be consistent and just be selfish all the way through!"

Of course, I was joking... I feel there has been some stirring in my philosophies of life. It began approximately a year ago and has been manifesting. There has been a significant deviation away from my apathetic and cynical/pessimist tendencies. Maybe it's just a natural inclination swayed by my needs? I don't know yet.

Maybe it is just a natural tendency, that in the middle of ones life, when one is most productive, being able to produce more than enough to survive, one begins to seek other avenues of fulfillment.

She ended up going to Japan, but I'm fairly certain, that if there be a God, that it was what God wanted her to do. There is much more usefulness in her ability to minister in Japan than there is in America where no one is thirsty...

Brain Dump - Pseudo Intellectual Drivel

My roommate's going into the Police Academy so he and I have been running/walking for the last couple weeks, so during the run my brain has been mulling over some poppycock.

Take it for what it's worth... It's Pseudo-Intellectual broohaahaa. I figure if I barf enough seemingly smart sounding things, something... something will stick and be good.

Truism Two

Life is like Zelda II: The Adventures of Link.
In Zelda II, the final, most difficult enemy is a shadow of Link.
This is to say, in Life, the fiercest enemy is if Link pops out of your shadow?

Truism Three

There is no selfless act. Successful relationships seek to fulfill a symbiotic equilibrium which promotes growth or at least a acceptable mutual level of complacency. To accept this as truth allows one to best reciprocate and receive accordingly.

Although humans do not like to accept this as truth as it somehow seems shallow, those that can accept this truth can use utilize this information are the best motivators or manipulators of men.

Truism Four

Learn to love to lose, otherwise learn to never win.

Truism Five

Effort and Dedication are the Parents of Skill and Success.

Truism Six

Be the Least Burden. Be the Most Helpful.

Truism Seven

If you revel in other's failures, then it's probably because you are a failure.

Truism Eight

No matter the weight of despair, don't worry, the sun will come out again, though nothing hastens it's pace except to let your mind busy itself on other things beyond it's absence.

Truism Nine

If you want for nothing, you can never be subject to the feeling of lacking.

Truism Ten

If you do not fear loss, you can never be immobilzed by it.

Truism Eleven

If you plan for the worst, but hope and strive for the best, victory and loss will become irrelevant, since growth will be the outcome.

Truism Twelve

Human struggles for control and power will always exist, and the resulting wars/conflicts will continue as long as humans exist.

*** Destroy all humans. I kid I kid. I have no answer, except to become less human, or more human, depending on your view of how much a human can be unlike an animal.

Truism Thirteen

Assume all things are untrue, even this.

Truism Fourteen

Perhaps, my broader vision is clouded by the those things easily discernible.

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