Oct 2, 2008

You Reader... Choose my next step.

I saw my highschool prom date's sister today. I would guess it's been over 12 years, but some pulses zoomed in some overgrown trails in my brain's synapses and I called out her first and last name. I suppose it was awkward, even if our exchange lasted only 15 seconds.

It seemed odd that I recognized her, especially when she had sunglasses on, but she always did have abnormally super long to the buttcrack hair.

Then the whole day afterwards, I recalled that I had thought she was the cutest and smartest of three sisters.

So I googled her...

It's amazing the Internetz will give you all that you need to know if the subject is young enough to be involved in social networking like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Myspace.

She seems to be happily married with child....

Wah wahhhh waahhhhhh wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Dang...

I've been feeling a little bored with life lately... not depressed, just bored.

I've expressed this notion to several close friends/family of mine.

Shana (Visit her Site, she's an Artist) suggests I go find a girl.

My father suggests I get involved in volunteering and helping others.

I like both ideas. Volunteering is a more favorable idea to me, but the other would cause me to probably get me out of my comfort zone.

I was thinking though, it would be interesting to be a science experiment, and have the internetz recommend what I should do. I could have polls with options. Good options. Nothing like... hey, stick a stick up your ass...

But I won't.... It would be quite interesting.

But if I did? What would you want me to do? (Pretend you are playing Zork..)

1. Go date
2. Go volunteer
3. Suggest something interesting. I might actually do it.

4. Have another killer Art month like August cause you've been slacking Jimiyo. You havent done crap. You should really finish that one or two pieces that would probably get you some major publicity.

5. Get LASIK Surgery.

6. ... Im thoroughly bored. A road trip might be in order... Go to Key West.

There's a 60% I might actually pursue whatever I think might be the best idea. Just cause... I need to shake it up a bit. All this trying to get famous and being an artist thing is cool, but its obvious that Im most likely on the right track, so that's on auto pilot, it will happen eventually unless derailed. Getting derailing would be interesting too.


ameeeee said...

I think it's time for another road trip Jimiyo. Maybe drag some friends along?

(or take up a team sport)

Anonymous said...

come and stay in sunny wales. theres a sofa here with your name on it.

AttilaTheMom said...

Don't do lasik. Fall is a great time for a road trip. Find someone to snuggle away the winter with. Or something that gets you out of the house more. :)

Shana said...

Maybe I was wrong about the girl, but I do like the idea of finding something to snuggle away this winter. Have you thought about getting a lolzkitten?

Oh and I was right, a link on your blog has tripled my pageview count already... to 15 ;) Ha!

Derek said...

Find a girl while volunteering?

Maggie H. - shouting into the wind said...

I agree with Derek, at least in his general sentiment. You don't go FIND a girl you just let it happen. What you have to do is make yourself available, put yourself out there so the magical coincidence can occur. Your dream girl is not going to knock on your door asking to borrow a cup of sugar so you have to get your ass out of the house. She's probably not hanging out in a club being given Grey Goose by sleazy club guys either, so don't waste your time there unless that's your thing.

Volunteering is probably as good a way as any of meeting someone, you just need to get out there. I'd advise you put your artistic talents to work. Maybe work at a local theater painting sets and creating flyers, or paint a mural at a daycare center or YWCA. You're a good looking guy but someone who looks like you AND has an obvious talent is going to get a lot of attention if you show off that talent a little. Since you have the ulterior motive of finding a girlfriend you should use all the advantages you have. That also might help your other ulterior motive of getting your name out there. People see the mural or see you in a program as Set Designer and it's a little recognition outside the tshirt market.

Alan said...

I am married and have been for just about 6 years now... Happiness is a state of mind. I would not consider myself happy. Married, one child... a beautiful daughter of 20 months who is full of spunk and a little rotten at times. My career is really starting to take off, I own my own home and have a great little 4 lb, 5 year old yorkie. Life would seem great right? Not really.

I too feel something amiss. I agree that doing volunteer work is like no other job you will ever take on, the feeling you get is like a high that you will want to get again and again.

I would say, take some classes at the local University or Community College. Learn pottery, take up advanced html and flash... heck, teach a class. You are talented enough.

Thing is, happiness is what you make of it. If you aren't happy, it will reflect in everything you do, and the ladies will notice it as well. Get happy, get confident... and the ladies will follow.

jimiyo said...


I think I'm moderately happy.
And I'm perfectly fine without mate.
I'm not necessarily lonely, and I don't fancy marriage or children.

It's the newness of something I'm interested in capturing.

I have had a thought, many years ago, that sometimes, Life isnt about anything except the drudgery.

One can't always be at the top of the roller coaster, nor the bottom.

I guess right now, Im at level part of the ride, waiting for the next dip, or the next clank clank clank as I am ratcheted up to the top of the rise before the great fall.

I think volunteering is going to be the best way.

I will investigate it!


SailorButterfly said...

I'd say date. lol

I even have a friend who would love to meet you whenever you're in Alabama again. ;-)

Volunteering would be good too, though. That's one thing I always wished I had time for. >.<

alanbernard said...

Dude... Go with Ameeee's suggestion. You've been hard at work for a long time, and I think you need the break to refocus. Not a road trip though, get out of the country. Give your mom and dad a break too, bring them along [if it's going to be an innocent trip].

Come to Malaysia, there's an island, a beach, a beach chair/umbrella, hot chicks, and a cold beer all waiting for you dude. Just say the word, and amen.