Jul 22, 2008

New Design Work In Progress

Die to Sin

If you read my blog, you know my stance on faith. I'm not one to be an example, however, I was raised with a firm base so although I don't live it, some of the concepts in the Bible leak out in my designs.

I have had an addiction, and have an addiction. This is kind of a design to express what I wish I could do.

There will probably be a banner that says "Kill your Vices." The vomit will morph into paisley texture for the robe. EH EH!?? How cool will that be!?

This is an entry for the Emptees.com Tee Off with the theme 'VOMIT.' I'm not a big garbage pail kids/zombie/gross/horror genre so I thought I could pull of this design with just a hint of vomit.

It will probably be a submission to a contest site once it's done. With the tee off, if people like it, it should get some major backing in votes. OR since it's a personal design, if it turns out worthy, I might print it myself.

This one is just a sketch. Don't know if it will reach actualization.

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