Jul 21, 2008

Hope Angel for sale $11 Shipped at Teefury.com & NEWSLETTER

07.22.08 Newsletter - CLICK TO READ - Did everyone signed up get it? Still trying to work Outlook into sending my email. To sign up, go to http://www.jimiyo.com and enter yo email.

New Woot-ish site that is going to sell one shirt per day for $9 + $2 shipping. Sounds like a good deal to me! They give a portion of the sales to the artist and keeps no rights on it. I hope they work out. They could be the next big online shirt seller.



SailorButterfly said...

I did not receive the newsletter, though I am signed up. :-(

(sailorsaturntsu @ yahoo.com)

Shana said...

I didn't get it either.

ameeeee said...

Me neither!