Jul 22, 2008

www.TeeFury.com Jimiyo Hope Angel Tee Sold Out

This Tee is Sold Out and is GONE Forever!

Recieved a good email from teefury.com.

"Thank you so much for being our first design - we really appreciate your support and hope to do another Fury with you soon!

Your shirt sold out at X units - - and we will be paying you X via paypal - please forward your paypal email so we can pay you asap.

We have to be very very honest - the X actually exceeded our expectations, and we know the main reason for even reaching that amount of units on the first day was because of you and your design.

We would love to see another piece from you when you get a chance - you have a fast track to the Fury any time you want it ;)

Take care, and thanks again!



MJ said...

Congrats dude!

Zenne said...

Good job jimi!

Anonymous said...

as long as the team from teefury is picking what designs are being sold for the shirt of the day, their sales will be great. I don't see any bad designs ever being sold from that site. Im just waiting on my payday to order :)

jimiyo said...

thanks BFFs!

i think that place will be hot if they can keep up the production. imagine... 365 shirts a year.

im starting to wonder how well those other sites that do commission only payouts would fair?

i guess they wouldnt have the traffic that teefury will develop or would they!?

Shana said...

Hooray for Xs!

Rick Bradley said...