Jul 19, 2008

Designer Opportunity for Fan Building: Emptees Tee Off

http://emptees.com/ is a young online community of designers where one can showcase their work. Although it's not your typical contest site where one earns money, it's a great place to show your work, and get help with votes at other contest sites.

Although the favored designs that get respect has a tendency to be somewhat limited to monsters, zombies, band designs, skulls, etc, there seems to have been a large influx of designers recently so the genre of work that gets 'loves' has increased.

I would recommend any designer, regardless of their style, to join and participate.

You can rally friend fans to vote for your work, learn about starting your own apparel line, and I have received frequent requests for freelance work from there. The caveat being that the freelance work is not at a large business level, so don't expect people to pay you much. There are some lurking opportunities to get into bigger exposure outlets though. Some desginers have done work for Hot Topic, national level bands, etc.

The Tee Off prizes are community supplied, but still pretty decent if you do it for the fun of it.



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