Jul 18, 2008

DeadMetalClothing.com & Fear

Got a package from my designer friend, GodMachine. He runs his own apparel line in Wales. Pretty neat to get a package through Royal Mail.

He sent me a pretty awesome shirt, a handful of stickers, and some buttons! The shirt isn't on his site so I'll try to eventually take a photo and post later.

Visit his blog, shop, and myspace! You can portal through his splash page here.



Granted, I have been successful at the online contests and some freelancing, but I have this reoccurring fear that I'll be that guy. That guy who's old, still persisting at his dream of becoming a well known artist, yet never reaching a level of financial success. Talented, but without that x factor. It's tough to see my friend and relatives who have taken the other route. The corporate or career path which has its financial rewards. In comparison, of all those I knew from the past, they all have settled down with their significant others, some have children, but all have the comforts of middle class America: a house, nice cars, and assumeably a well stock 401K for their retirement. I, on the other hand, am 31 years old, have a sensible car, some material possessions, just enough to be mobile, and only a slight savings from my stints in employment.

Just sayin... I don't want to be that guy. At any time I suppose, I could revert to the career path and be well suited within a couple years, but conflicting belief systems or rather stubbornness keep me from going that route and probably will for a long time, unless something dramatic happens like a great financial burden.

Meh. Here's a joke.

The main factor I fear I won't succeed is that I'm not a Jew.


Schizophrenic jimi will now repsond.

Yo, dood, you're on a good track. Seriously, within the short period of time, you've accomplished alot. You can't expect to be successful so quickly. It takes time. Although it might just be a false truism, it takes most businesses five years to break even, and you just pretty much started. Get real dawg. You arent meant to go the way of the 9-5. You hate it. etc.etc.etc.


Adam said...

I think you share a lot of peoples fears. I know I share the same, but at least you know that you're doing what you love. I think that's what really matters. Good luck to you.

bryan818 said...

youve got the x factor

your jimiyo

and youve got quite a fan base and growing...