Apr 1, 2008

RANT - to be deleted... maybe.

"We're talking about taking your work to retail. If it hits, we're talking thousands and thousands of shirts. Target, JC Penneys..."

He never did even send my CD or sample shirts. He had the audacity to ask me where the files were, when I had saved them on the server, burned him a CD, and sent an email of it whereabouts with the bio he requested.

"We're talking 8000 t-shirts a year for the rest of your life! It's HUGE."

He convinced me to do some designs. He repeatedly cajoled me. I finally did it, so he could impress the "BIG WIGS" that were coming to visit. When I delivered the shirts I spent 6 hours designing, and used $40 of my own money to print through cafepress, he shrugged and looked at them, unimpressed, and said "Well, this will at least let them know we are serious." Although they were on hangers, he tossed them over a chair next to the kitchen sink, then proceeded to grab a glass out of the kitchen sink, seeing that it wasn't empty turned it upside down to empty it, shaking it excessively a mere few feet away from the shirts. I'm certain some got on the shirt.

Of course, the "BIG WIGS" loved the designs. He gave the shirts to them. Never crossed his mind to repay me for helping him kiss ass.

There are several stories from the ranch like the one above.

My favorite

"Can you go pick me up a pack of Heineken's (expensive beer) and a pack of smokes. And you know what, pick yourself up a pack of beer, IT'LL BE ON ME!"

I did. I delivered. He never paid back or even thought twice.
He was prone to getting me to go to town to buy this and that, never to pay me back.

One of the last days, he said, "Im gonna give you $300 or something because you've helped out so much."

The last day, he hands me $100, and says, that will pay for the gas for the way back.

Unfortunately $100 will get me as far as Oklahoma. My car only gets 30 mpg. I doubt if I will ever go back to Paria.


Oh sweet.... While writing this... I HAVE A NEW ONE!

"How much would you want for those 2 designs?? Keep in mind that if you give me a good price, we will be doing a lot business together."

I offered my design for $200.

"$200 seems a little pricey for that design. I was thinking more in
the $100 range. Also, keep in mind this for sure will not be the last time we do business."

What a loser.

Here's my response.

No thanks. I'm sure I can call up my friend who works
at the Methodist Publishing company and eventually get
$500 easy.

$200 was a deal. Now its $600.


WOW. I'm so tired of being a doormat. I hope these experiences dont eventually start to harden me and make me distrust everyone, or more likely, is for me to become unforgiving and abrasive. I'd hate to lose my "young and have hope mentality." I feel like I've already started the path to becoming a darker jaded individual. Not that it affects my overall mood. If ever I had a kid, I wouldnt want to be the dad to tell his kid when he's 7, that the world isnt fair, and look out for #1 cause no one else will...


Alexandrea Zenne said...

Yeah...there are a lot of people out there trying to take advantage. Strangely enough, that number seems to double when you add 'art' into the mix. Sigh.

taddict said...

that stinks man, your designs have so much great potential its nuts. You could have your own line, you just need someone to sell it, put it up at trade shows, and get all the legal stuff in order. If you had your own line at the Magic apparel show in vegas (worlds biggest apparel show) i am sure alot of retail stores would pick up the line. But of course it takes money to get there.