Jun 14, 2007

I Hope I Hope...

My employers and I talked about taking my designs to retail and trying to really create a clothing line. They are highly optimistic and interested. It's just a small step, but the possibilities are endless. I have great hopes.

There are some loose ends that have to be tied and we will get the ball rolling.

I have to decide on what I feel I am worth percentage wise.

Regardless what I get paid, I feel like I want a percentage of any profits going to help out charities that deal with abused children, etc.

I thought maybe cancer would have been good charity when I first tried donating my meager profits, but really, my desire is with those whose hearts have been damaged. I myself have never been abused, but a tear hangs in my soul for one I used to loved, who had been in her early years.

I hope.

xoxo to all.

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