Jun 19, 2007

Milestone Date: Thrusday, June 21st, 2007 - Leap from the Status Quo

Troy White told me about a website where you can create your own stock vector images and sell them. Apparently its fairly lucrative if you can sell well. After my trip, Im going to be making massive quantities of stock vector to try to create a passive stream of income. Ideally, I want to create enough streams so I can pursue my own art.

But what does this mean for you, friend?

Free Vector Art from time to time.
Eyecandy for reference and inspiration.

(Im really going to have to cut out the personal blogs after I come back from the trip, unless its business building oriented, and attract more general blog readers who are interested in possibly giving me a dollar. ;)

Thursday, June 21st, 2007 is my last day of full time employment at Active Creations.

Although I might be being grandiouse, it's awesome to think that there is a possibility that it might be the last day to be employee of a company not of my own full time, Ever.

I've learned alot at Active Creations. I am forever grateful to the company's owners for giving me the opportunity to be an artist, and essentially giving me the vision to go out on my own. If it were not for them, I would never have started to think that my art was worth anything but a hobby. Now, they've indirectly given me the faith that it can be a livelihood, possibly even a bountiful one and beyond.

I'm excited to begin, but I have the road trip in front of me. The timeframe is starting to formulate. There are many things I want to see, many breaths I want stolen from me as I look upon something greater and lasting than my life will be. Many mosquito bites to be had... ;)

I figure that I will be on the road for approximately a month and a half, if not two months. Unless for some reason it disagrees with me.

I've never been one to romanticize travel or nature, but I suppose people change. I've changed over the last decade. Although I maintain a slightly pessemistic (realistic) sarcastic attitude about most things, oddly, I am just as optimistic, positive, and upbeat. I laugh about most things. I cry about most things. Why not give a grandeur meaning to things, to life, although there's a voice inside me that tells me all is in vain this life. Everything means everything. Everything means nothing.

What is a dollar but a piece of paper?

I figure that it will take a couple years til I am able to surpass the income of a decent salary position. Although somewhat daunting, I've read too many success stories. It is possible. Why wouldnt it be possible for me? Why wouldnt it be possible for you?

A vine begins as a tiny sprout in a dense forest, it weaves its way up and around the surrounding monster trees and rocks, climbing on limbs, jumping from limb to limb further up, until it reaches the top where it basks in the sun. If it were not to change directions from to time to time, it would never get anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! it sounds like lots of fun!

lol, I think its funny your last day ison my birthday...

i hope to become a succesful artist someday...i just have to give up the video games! ^_^

Mike M

jimiyo said...

you work for a games company right? i used to dream about working at a game company. so i would say you are a successful artist!

AJJE (kat for short) said...

You have balls and I admire you.

jimiyo said...

why would you admire that fate has given you a X chromosome, and me a Y? 7 words from you and im giddy. xoxo