Jun 21, 2007

My rat seemed to be dying & Art Update & I Dont Miss Myspace

But she, The Rat With No Name, didn't. I told her that I'm sorry for hating her.

There's a life lesson to be pulled out.... from somewhere in all this.

Meme is the good, social rat. Likes attention, doesn't chew on anything, gives kisses.

The Rat With No Name is antisocial, skittish, and chews on everything.

Meme gets to run around the apartment.

The Rat With No Name does not.

People, in general, don't trust or like overly shy people. Or people who, in general, chew on random stuff. They never get attention. Their personalities make the circumstances for being ignored more likely.

Moral: Dont chew on random stuff.

It's good to be out of the rain...


It's coming together, but I think I want to add another color to add dimensionality once I finalize the layout. I've created it 200 dpi at 18 x 21 inches just in case I want to print it on large paper or canvas. I think it would look pretty neat to see it that big. On screen it's hard to grasp the details.


It's been several days since.... but I don't miss Myspace.... The End.


Anonymous said...

WOW that would make a really cool tattoo!!

Mike M

jimiyo said...

thanks mike!

after i get back from my road trip, resend me your family crest. ill make it part of my vector set creation work. kill two birds, one stone.