Feb 24, 2008

Some Designs & Shimabukuro Guitar Video

Trek America Tees. Some big wigs are coming to Easton's ranch in a few weeks. They are not aware that designs are being made for them, so this is just an arbitrary shot at obtaining business. I plan to have a sample for them printed by Cafepress, as product in hand is a very convincing sales pitch. Although its chances of getting picked up is about as likely as a 1.21 Gigawatts of lightning hitting the Clock Tower... at 10:02pm

I thought having the silhouette of buttes/mountains of the west reflected as a city was a clever idea. The trek groups sometimes take a trip from the west to NY city.

It is the most clever idea I have had...

for 4 years.

The client Im doing this design for is pleased, and I think they will pick it up after some small revisions. They like the allover print, which I think is great! Although it's not exactly something I would wear, I think it certainly seems like something richies wear. Something sold by a t-shirt company that pretentiously has the word 'Couture' in their apparel description, even though, they just sell t-shirts. ;j

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