Feb 24, 2008

Video Download - Joanna Newsom Live at First Unitarian Chuch

Eureka, I found a 90 minute dixv video of Joanna performing and it seems to be legal and freely distributed for promotional purposes. I like watching her hands, they are like spiders jumping crawling from string to string with godlike accuracy.

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William said...

You're right, it is legal and freely distributed. I didn't record it, but I was given permission to distribute it by the person who did. We are both members of the milkymoon forum, as well as stage6.com. I just happened to join stage6 before shlacking. The Joanna video is the only one I posted at stage6, but he has many other concerts which he recorded, from a variety of artists, and posted at stage6 in the eattapes channel, and on eattapes.com. Good stuff!