Apr 22, 2010

My Homepage - Experiments in Efficiency

This is my homepage. It's a simple custom homepage that resides on my computer with outgoing links to my most frequented sites.

I've become ADHD over the years.

Since I work primarily through the internet and on my computer, I have found with Twitter, email, another email, website, etc, I cannot maintain focus on one task longer than a few minutes.

Although it seems I still get work done, it just seems as if I am a Chinese Juggler, and I can only accomplish things while multitasking.

So enter, the EGG TIMER! They are the first new links I have inserted in several months.

The 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 are links to a simple online egg timer. They open in a new window, and I place them in my secondary monitor. You can easily set the timer to any amount of time and its FREE.

It's still in experimental phase, but once I start the timer, I try to focus on work for that amount of time.

Along with the timer, I have created a set of ONE A DAY links. Often times, building a network online is just about communicating, posting your work, interacting, noticing others.

So ONE A DAY are links to different communities in which I interact, but for the purposes of ensuring that I maintain some presence in those communities, I set the egg timer off and go communicate and interact.

Imagine, if EVERYDAY, you called a friend or family member, and communicated with them for 15 minutes... That would most likely build a great relationship.

They say quality, not quantity, but my theory is, doing something in quantity will result in quality. Nothing becomes quality without the repetitive instances that allow things to improve. One caveat of this theory is that you have to work smart, and always strive to improve.


Cassidy said...
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the_JCW said...

Great post here, I think you're really onto something. I have the same problems but I can't seem to get going on solving them. Agreed on your other comments as well. Keep up the good work AND the good ideas

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