Apr 8, 2010

Impact Threads


New t-shirt design contest coming up.

They need medium res jpegs to build mock ups for teasers. Introduce yourself and send jpegs to braden@impactthreads.com. Get in early!

640 X 800 pixels wide would be decent enough. Make sure the images are able to be used, ie) not owned by another company.


"Impact Threads will be an ongoing t-shirt design contest website that will launch on May 15th. We pay our winning artists $2,000 per design plus $500 is donated in their name to our charity of the month."


Zenne said...

I was kind of wary of this 'cause I got a generic e-mail from them, but $2,000 is definitely enticing.

zerobriant said...

is this your site jimmy? i mean do you own impact threads? :D