Apr 25, 2010

Addition to My Homepage - Experiments in Efficiency

So previously, I updated my homepage with an eggtimer. I've gone a step further. Since I have several tasks and websites to interact on daily, without a to do list to check off, sometimes I repeatedly check one site or ten over and over throughout the day.

I created a simple secondary homepage to maybe reduce the inefficiency.

The page is a list of the sites (with links to new windows) I have to visit, a check box for each, and that's pretty much it.

I have a tendency to close windows alot, so I added a script that asks me if I finished all my tasks before I close the tab.

I think it will at least stream line the workflow into a specific order.


JCMaziu said...

Hi Jimiyo... this could be off topic, but maybe you could blog some advices to make an attractive online portfolio.

jimiyo said...

JCMaziu, Im not really strong in that department, because Im somewhat apathetic about having a portfolio online since it doesn't necessarily provide results. It might suit better to post at emptees/flickr/deviant art or other portfolio site as they already have a ton of traffic going to them.

My site is mainly for my own personal diary. In the long run, I would hope that I had some sort of quick easy community there to provide more traffic, but its not really a priority for me.

Thanks for dropping by the port! :D