Dec 22, 2008 & Story about a Loser

Every Monday has a free download, and a streaming full broadcast of the episode. This week's IMO is one of the better one's in a while, probably because it's collary to the BS I think about... the last segment was really enjoyable.

I've been reading alot of material on human behavior and habits lately so this week's broadcast was very interesting.

Even if my thought process is flawed, after having listened to it, I can justify hating (Can you justify hating jimi? No.) a couple artists I used to work with at the old job. One was a slacker, and the other was a slacker jerk. As art director, they both over powered me along with the other two good artists.

One time, after having watched the slacker surf the internet for an hour after we arrived at work, I asked, "You gonna surf the web all day?"

Afterwards, he requested to speak outside the art room where he said,

"You're an asshole. If you have a problem, you shouldn't confront me in front of all the other artists. You don't know how to manage well, I've been a coach for 12 years now, and some people need to have positive re-enforcement to do well."

The whole episode ended in me having to shake his hand. I hate shaking people's hands. Unless it's upon first meeting, the shaking of hands has usually come from a person who's trying to regain trust after they have obviously been proven as a douchebag. I find it to be a slight of hand, a trick, a fake offering, cause in almost any instance, they falter again and again.

Also, his hand was soft, and I had this icky feeling that he was a dirty pervert, so I didn't want to touch his hand... Don't know where that hand has been!

Scoff. I hated that jerk. He ended up quitting for a higher paying job, which after a short break, he wanted to come back.

And when he called back, We, as in the majority of the whole company, laughed and made fun of him with vulgar specificity about his lack of manhood.

Man, we railed him hard.

He deserved it. He not only was a loser, but he went AWOL and when he did, he deleted everything on his hard drive to be pre emptively vindictive.

We, the other artists, made a makeshift cardboard man, and pretended it was him, and used to stab it with pencils and punch on it, pretending it was the slacker.

We even took a mannequin styrofoam head on which we use to take photos of our hat designs, placed it on top the cardboard man.

We stabbed the head with ink pens, and scissors, and I at one time, try to jump kick the head off... I was unsuccessful. The cardboard man was true to size so his head was about 5 and a half feet off the ground, so my foot missed, and if you can imagine, America's Funniest Video moment, where ZOINK! the rug is pulled out from someone, that's exactly how I fell, right on my butt bone.

But it was awesome.

Couple weeks later, one of the owners of the company came looking for the head to take photos of some newly delivered hats, and by then we had destroyed the head with our incessant stabbing.

I didn't want to lie, so I said, "It accidentally got destroyed."

Well... only one word is all it takes to make a sentence a lie eh? :D HAHA.

The slacker also had chronic halitosis.

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