Dec 23, 2008

New Design: Surf Soul & Romance by Rene Bartoli

Merry Christmas ;j

New Design: Surf Soul

I don't know how I feel about it. Nice sketchy aesthetic, but feels static. I wish there was more movement... Meh. Maybe I'll sleep on it...

Romance by Rene Bartoli

(FYI for those that don't know me, the guy playing the guitar IS NOT ME. and those videos of cats, none of those cats ARE ME.)

Romance by Anonymous


Zenne said...


We all know you're really a cat. :D

I don't understand the design, how it relates to the idea "surf soul." I like all the pretty decorations around the wave, it's neat...but incongruous? Except for the hibiscus. The rest of it reminds me of more classic the 20s perhaps? I wouldn't know the specific era.

jimiyo said...

Really? Damn.

It's supposed to be in the shape of a turtle created by Polynesian tattoo imagery, which is typically very tropicaluhhhhhnessy.

Dunno. I guess the inverted triforce doesnt make sense either... hrm...

Zenne said...

I see the turtle a bit better now.

I also found the word I'm looking for - art deco. The target audience might recognize the specific style better, though.

kat said...

That design is right up my alley.

Your owl still gets all the drooling compliments it deserves. I never know where to send peeps to buy your stuff though except DBH.

jimiyo said...

Z: I think Layne/Anik will take it for Teefury. They are surfers, so...

Hiya Kat! :D

I appreciate the referral. I'm all out of that owl shirt. I cleared out all my jimiyo shirts recently and donated them all. Woot!

How's it goin?

nikolina100 said...

That is pure gorgeousness!!!