Dec 10, 2008

Dang. Neeeeexxxt.... NEW SHIRTS FOR SALE.

It's 5pm. Probably my first non-sellout design submitted as a daily to Woot. (Oh yeah, it's on sale BTW....) I won't know how weak it sold until the next shirt goes on sale tonight at 12.

*** Dang. Only 946 shirt sold. For Woot, this is pretty low. Although, since I made it one color, it is hopefully still moderately profitable because of the lack of production costs. Hrm. Irritating that I didn't kick major ass this round.

Oh well though, gotta lose sometime. Next daily will be a winner I think... :D

This is on sale tonight at


artulo said...

dang jimiyo, it's a sweet design but I think it doesn't pop as much on heather as it would on white. that's just me though. wonder if I bleached it? would that kill the plastisol at all?

good luck on the fury tonite! peace.

artulo said...

oh I really like it when you post the sketches - the writing on the sides is always intriguing. is that a thought process of yours?

jimiyo said...

bleaching shouldnt kill the plasticol.

different strokes different folks. im wearing a heather shirt now. American Apparel heather is nice IMO. makes me feel... sporty. heheh

yes. those thoughts are mine during working. sometimes its a quote, sometimes its my own. its been occuring more and more often. sometimes they end up being shirts so i like to take notes.

im happy you noticed.