Dec 13, 2008

Design WIP Update: Enjoy the Voyage & Good Stuff

I changed the name of design.
I didn't do much art this week.
Ran 3+ miles 3 days in a row though.

My brain and eyeballs hurt like crazy. It's like at a 8.7. It's cry worthy.

*** EDIT

The pain is down to a 6.5. I put on some sunglasses, this screen is BRIGHT! It's odd. I'm experiencing a heightened sensitivity to light. Looking at my screen, it's like looking at the sun. The headache is gone, but if I take my sunglasses off to look at my screen, I'm forced to crinkle my hands, look away and scowl like Nosferatu.

Oh snap Stevie, jerry curls don't flow with Terminator X shades, what are yo stylists doing?!?!

Oh Dionne! Tell me my future, please tell me a girl is in my future!

Oh Wow, Whitney, Pre Crack Head Whitney, You have such a beautiful, uplifting singing voice! Nice shoulder pads!

OOOOOOOoooo... Luther. LUTHER VANDROSE! You are here too! R.I.P.!

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