Dec 8, 2008

Please Vote for Me! & New Design WIP: Fantastic Voyage

Hi Wooters. Welcome!

BTW, Wooters, one of my designs will also be on sale at on Thursday. Keep an eye out.

Please vote for my Threadless entries! :D

My Submission

My Submission

New Design WIP: Fantastic Voyage


BlakkWear said...

sweet designs! best luck

Alan said...

Great work as usual!

Kind of off topic, but:

As a fan of cats, this is pretty funny.

Zenne said...

Do you ink those all in Photoshop?

I saw you mention on teefury (I think) that you were thinking of trying to get a bit of an audience on deviantart - I have a suggestion if so. It's easy.

There's a category called "Vexels" which is just stuff that looks like it was done in vectors but was done in Photoshop. I asked the Gallery Director if my t-shirt designs fit there, and she said yes. She pays a whole lot of attention to the category, and it's a bit more slow-moving than other categories so more attention from users in general.

She featured "Greedy Pirate" as a daily deviation (the picture itself on deviantart now has 7,207 views, and I got about 435 visits (google analytics) and 537 page impressions (adsense) from linking in the description. And anything you do is about 10x better than Greedy Pirate, so I have no doubt that you'd get a feature.