Oct 10, 2008

Newly Received Shirts & Short Story Twelve

I received 20 shirts in the mail this week, mostly freebies from contest winnings.

The Artcotic shirt is pretty awesome. I'm not referring to my own art. The shirt quality is fantastic. Inside out contrast stitching and split v stitch at the bottom. Beyond that, it is form fitting and soft. I can understand now why they charge $24.95 for the shirts. Beyond that the designs are limited edition of 500.

The only disappointment is the print is restrained to about 10 inches wide and is not as large as a typical DBH/Threadless design. It makes for a pretty small design. Also the sizing is smaller than usual. The XL once washed will probably be too small for comfort, when usually XL shrinks perfectly to a L when I wear AA, Alstyle, or most all other brands.

I received my first Threadless shirts. They are printed very well. Probably better than DBH, but I find the shirts are thin like AA, especially the white. I mean... I dont want people to be squinting and thinking "Do I see a faint outline of Jimi's nipples?"

Fight the Good Fight, When Panda Attacks, and Agent Skully all came out great.


My client wants me to do a full hoodie print. Might be fun.
Similar to below, but much cooler. ;P


Short Story Twelve

Leaving what I call the Ghetto Kroger,

Lady: "Would you like to donate to the Diabetes fund?"

Friend: "No thank you."

Jimi: "We're poor."

Lady: "Well, don't let me see you buying any cigarettes for $5."

I don't know from where the comment originated since we were not buying cigarettes.

Jimi: "I just quit smoking a month ago. Now I just spend my money on booze..."

Lady: "Oh, well, that's not good."

Jimi: "I'm glad there are people like you, because I'll be coming to you in the future when I need a dialysis machine."

Lady: "Well, you'll be coming to see us very soon."

Truthfully, I rarely spend money on alcohol.

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