Oct 9, 2008

Metroid Samus a la Mucha WIP #2 & Contest Win & T-shirt in the Mail

Winner! YAY! Which one and from where is the question...

I received a copy of Angry Panda from Threadless today. Similar to DBH, CollisionTheory and my name are printed inside the shirt. I'm actually impressed with the quality of the print and shirts from Threadless. They are much softer than DBH. DBH shirts don't seem like ringspun tees so they are a little abrasive than the typical American Apparel or AlStyle Tees, BUT DBH shirts seem to be slightly more thick, so may last longer... Meh.

Slight update. I'M EXCITED. I think in addition to incorporating some Mucha-esque elements and style, I will also attempt some H.R. Giger-esque elements. It fits perfectly, especially for the tubing and drippy elements found in the original Metroid game. I would also like to incorporate some William Bouguereau-esque elements by creating a halo shape behind Samus' head. The halo shape would be held by the eagle looking creature that usually holds items in the Metroid game, which can be created to look Giger-ish.

How awesome is this painting going to be if I can pull it off? It's Frickin Epic, and to have specific influences by three separate master artists compiled into one painting is definitely news(blog)worthy and interesting.

I'm hoping I can accomplish the vision I have for this painting. If I do, I think it would be a contender in getting into some major publications...

Handy metal texture for adding subtle distress on suit armor. Put on a layer above, set to soft light/overlay or similar, use levels to intensify or reduce effect.


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