Oct 12, 2008

I Dig Bill Murray and Lethargic Movies & Personal Growth & Terminator 4

On Personal Growth

What are you?

What do you need for personal growth?

Been an INTJ for years, looking for personal growth.


Article on Bill Murray

Great movies for a quiet lazy Sunday, lethargic, but thoughtful if you can get it.

Lost in Translation - Starting 01:01:00, best scene.

Coffee and Cigarettes

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Miss Little Sunshine and Dedication would be on the list if they were available for viewing online.

Excited about Terminator 4.

Work Work. ;P


Shana said...

INFJ. That makes me a "counselor, can you imagine? ;)

Personal growth: I'd like to be a true 5'2" one day, like it says on my driver's license.

jimiyo said...

I was INFJ... in 1995. I had to take the test as part of my freshman induction to Engineering school.

Funny that we are almost the same...

I wonder what your Doctor is?

Can you ask him?

I'm going to read more about you now.

AttilaTheMom said...

Last year I was an INTJ, now i'm an ISTJ by 1 pt. And I STILL don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

Rick Bradley said...

INTJ also, though over the years I seem to get closer to the J & P border. Probably because I'm dealing with forces beyond my control (aka in-laws ;-) and have to eventually be like "fuck it."

jimiyo said...

shana, your vein on the connect 12 poster heart looks like a penis.

har har attila. we should never grow up... now i get why you dont think im an arrogant a-hole. you appreciate my inability to finesse my words into tasty acceptable vittles. whereas other people cant swallow my statements just as fact and not embellishments or arrogance, you accept them. thats why i think i should "lie". not lie lie. but mold my words like a PR person to offend the least group of possible voters/etc. knaw mean?

rick rick rick! word to your mother and LOL. im more awesome by the association of you being the same temperament! get out of my head!

im seeing a pattern.

E's.... dont surf the internet, nor read blogs cause they are out in the real world. ;j

AttilaTheMom said...

awww jimi, you know I think you're adorable. :P

If anything, this tells me I've become too set in my ways. I quit my job last week, maybe that will get me going in a new direction.

And... you may be right about the E's.

jimiyo said...

Attila, are you trying to get in my pants?

Flattery works really good with me.

heheh. ;P

You quit your job? Didnt you recently land a job you really wanted?

AttilaTheMom said...

yeah, the job started out interesting, then went to sucky pretty quickly. So I quit. Gives me time to catch up on schoolwork, and I have a few lines open to more interesting work. Know anyone that needs an engineering project manager?

It's good to know you are subject to flattery, I shall keep this in mind.. ;)

Angela said...

I'm the same INTJ. And...are you following me? We have the same taste in, like, everything.

If you feel the need to come mold young minds soon, gimme a ringy dingy.