Oct 7, 2008

Short Stories 10 & 11 by Jimi Benedict

Story Ten

I like to indulge in a high sodium diet on a rare occasion at the local Chinese buffet.

Where else can you hear a rendition of Whitney's I Will Always Love You played on a xylophone?

Maybe it was hand bells or triangles, regardless, I felt total tranquility as I raised my risk for high blood pressure related diseases and dysfunctions.

Story Eleven - Rated R for language and sexuality

Circa Late 1990's

Jimi: "Wheredya go last night? Did you go get laid or something?"

Friend: "Yeah, but she was a dead f--k?"

Jimi: "What's that mean? Explain it to me. Was she just not enthusiastic, shy, or..."

Friend: "Yeah, she just wasn't into it..."

Jimi: "Knowing that, if you could turn back time, would you have chosen to stay in and watch movies or surf the internet?"

Friend: "I think I would have rather stayed in and surfed porn."


Truism One

Passion without Action is Misrepresentation, otherwise Bullshit.

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