Oct 7, 2008

TAL: Another Frightening Show About the Economy

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Another Frightening Show About the Economy

Yesterday was Monday, which means This American Life day for me. Every week you can download/listen to the previous week's episode.

This week's show was interesting. I understand a little more about the Economic Buy Out. There seems to be some glimmer of hope at about ~56:00 regarding a possibility of a stock injection plan which according to the expert seems to be the best scenario for taxpayers.

Also another interesting fact is regulation that could have reduced the damage to the economy, was ruled against by both parties, "a bipartisan decision..."

I've read stories that point the finger to both parties, usually associated to an article on who not to vote for...

One article stated Obama voted against regulation.
Another article blames Republicans for the lack of want for governmental control.
Apparently the regulation was blocked by a 95% vote.

I'm glad to know it was a failure by our government as a whole, mainly because it shows how easily opinions can be manipulated by only telling a portion of the story.

Although TAL is media, most media outlets seem to be as manipulative as advertising so I try not to concern myself with the agendas they attempt to set. TAL seems to be fairly objective.


WUT? It's fake.

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