Oct 7, 2008

Metroid Samus a la Mucha WIP

This one's gonna take a while...

Zenne helps with good art crits!

BUT I'm not gonna fix the legs. I think they are sufficient.


Zenne said...


Her arm is giant, though. I think. o:

Zenne said...

I think the mechanical one is fine - the suit itself is huge like that.

The only other weirdness I see is how everything below the waist gets 'stubby,' if that makes any sense. The foreshortening is funky, I guess. I usually see her suit as big on top, long-legged on the bottom.

Zenne said...

Er, since I'm not so good with words:


A little more lithe?

Derek said...

I really like her face. Nintendo made her a blonde in recent games, but I always pictured her much the way you have here.

Jimi : 1 ; Nintendo : 0

Zenne's right about the legs being funky, and the helmet also looks strangely huge.

theinfinityloop said...

It looks really cool, but I'm a little worried about her tattoo looking like chest hair. >.<

Anonymous said...

wow that looks incredible!!!

Mike M

Alan said...

Agreed, the tat does give off chest hair vibe. I would say slender down the mech legs and bicept area of suit. The helmet is a little large as well. Her face and the lacey shirt are beautiful. Metroid is my favorite old school game... and zelda, so this is right up my alley and I can't wait to see it progress.

Keep it up!