Oct 9, 2008

Volunteering & Chantix

In regards to an earlier blog from October 2 about seeking new experiences, I recently contacted Ali Bellos of Ask Apparel to get some information about possible organizations that might suit my skill set and personality to which I could volunteer. I sought her expertise as she, her husband, and her sister seem to be the most community minded folk I have yet to meet.

After answering some questions about my possible motives, and feelings about volunteering scenarios, I decided, to enact change, I needed to just do it, and begin the chain reaction of events that might lead to possible opportunities.

I have a couple of leads on a variety of subjects. It seems there may be some possible opportunities that go beyond just volunteering that is fairly exciting and could be a perfect match for what Im looking for... WORD!

It's still too early to even mention, but if it falls through, I will post more information and experiences.

Anyways, thanks to those readers who made suggestions.



I quit smoking by using Chantix.

Apparently there has been lawsuits that are seeking retribution for damages such as new on set diabetes and suicide/abnormal mental reactions caused by the drug.

With any drug there are side effects, like... using cigarettes causes lung cancer as a side effect. ;P

Even knowing about the risks, and having used Chantix, I would still use the drug again if I started smoking again.

Since I advocated the use of it, since some persons messaged me about it, I feel it is important to disclose all information.

Don't let this new information stop you from quitting. You don't necessarily need Chantix to quit. I've previously used WellButran/Zyban and cold turkey to quit for long durations.

Additional read

Cheers! ;j

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