Oct 17, 2008

Finished: My Utah Design & Good, No, GREAT News!

Good News!

Vitualla: "What kind of gallery shows would you want to be in?"
Jimi: "The only ones I know of right now that I would like to be in in the future would be iam8bit, and ************."

Booom! Got an invite for *********!


I just read the fine details... usually an offer for an exhibit starts suckin when you read the details, because all of the not so hidden profit agendas most have by charging for submission review, etc, but THIS.... THIS just got 10X better!!!!! Only 20 hand selected participants. Ain't no amateur show... and it's my target market outlet... Well known names...


Finished: My Utah Design

Fingers crossed. Pitch Sent.

How AWESOME is my job, when I can send an email to a client that reads as follows:

"it's a good 'un!

a palatable DBH design at ********** prices!

i know you a busy man, so lemme know when you can. (RHYMES!)

anyways, have a Radical weekend... yo."


1 comment:

Mark said...

I like the My Utah design. What is the significance of the anchor?

And your critique of my statement is exactly what I meant when I stated it. I guess tongue in cheek does not translate into text so well with me.