Sep 2, 2008

Craigslist Missed Connection & Master Plan Progress & Havent Smoked

This is somewhat personal, but it's done in a humorous manner. Just like public radio warns their listeners, if you decide to read my missed connection, there will be wording and ideas that could be viewed as crass, mostly for the sake of humor. And I do express the notion that I have a libido. It was mainly created for entertainment, not for the implied use of craigslist's missed connection.

True story BTW, and I'm sorry roommate, if you read, this has you in it.

Master Plan

The DBH contest is as much about votes as it is the art, so although I'm usually not one to play the game except for the basic efforts that one can use to garner votes, I've taken it a step further to find larger sources of traffic to help me.

Although it will eventually all land on when the large sources affect the voting, if the traffic sources create any difference at all,

I have communicated with 4 major traffic sources.

Two are locked in. They will be printing shirts, and hopefully promoting me to garner more votes for my designs.

Another shirt is set to be printed, but the timeframe in which it will be printed is unpredictable, and it usually does not cause a great effect on the votes.

The other two are unconfirmed as far as their participation in promoting my efforts for the contests. Since they are not ones to print shirts, the likelihood they will end up helping is 50-50.

I also plan to release a newsletter, and beyond that, I guess I can do nothing more.

We'll see.

Chantix Day 15

I have not smoked.


Andrea said...

Good luck on the self promotion, I think you'll do fine. Congrats on the not smoking, woooo! It will be interesting to see what happens to your productivity when you finally find a girlfriend. :P

jimiyo said...

HA. seriously.

Last time, it didnt really impede on my work, but it was an area of contention because apparently, she wasnt getting enough attention. We didnt work out.

Another time, no art was made by me for about 6 months.