Jul 13, 2008

New Contest Site - Infectious

Im excited about this new site. It's not a tee shirt design contest. They specialize in vinyl applications on vehicles. Although they are not full car wraps, they can add some unique applications with smaller self applied decor. I like it. I've had the thought that if I could break into that industry, with the cost of production and availability becoming cheaper, it's going to be a big market. People already love to deck out their cars with custom parts, etc.

They already have some established artists that I assume they paid to create some preliminary releases until the site ramps up. Coop and Kalek are some of the more famous artists that have contributed. Unlike many of the wannabe shirt contest sites out there, these guys are serious, and have invested a considerable amount of money to start the site. They are pro.


1 comment:

MJ said...

That is a very awesome site, Jimi- can't wait to see what you design for it!