Jul 13, 2008

I Lied & Digital Arts Magazine & Dizang

Dizang. No T-shirt of the Week at DBH. The ever ubiquitous lightning bolt got it. I don't get it.

Dopelgangers I've seen at multiple contest sites. It seems all contests sites have a version of

1. Lightning bolt.
2. Lion head.
3. Tree with musical note for leaves.
4. Tiger face.
5. Stupid medical anatomy guy.

OK. Actually, I do get it. People love generic. It's something they can Identify with...

(Actually, although I thought the tattoo tiger design I had was going to be cool with the shoulder prints, but after seeing the women's, I kinda think it sucks. Still...

*** Wait Let me retract. It was a great idea. Im basing my opinions on the fact that it's not an instant success, top ten seller. A lot of the times, I expect to win, but its hardly ever the case.)


Apparently I'm in the June Digital Arts magazine. Mainly just my free vectors I created is being distributed in their free attached CD. Although, the only thing I ever heard about it was from YWFT's Michael told me they asked if they could distribute my free vectors since I debuted it at YWFT. Meh. So I doubt it will do anything for me...


Anyways. I lied... I have no new artwork. I planned to this weekend, but NOTTA.

I did however submit these to Threadless. Had to change the colors a bit to make it more unisex.

I also submitted this. No matter what my surly, deprecating blog readers said about it. Jokes jokes. If I was Mormon, I would marry you all and we could live on a compound in Utah. It's pretty there. ;P

Threadless has a kids site, although all submissions have to go through regular Threadless.

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J3Concepts said...

yeah that lighting bolt design blew. sometimes i dont understand the winners on DBH, but overall they have fairly good taste.
keep up the good work mate.