Jul 13, 2008

Latest T-Shirt Purchases

Over the last year, I've accumulated over $1250 in store credit from my winnings at Designbyhumans.com. Decided I needed some new shirts. Here's my shopping list.

I obviously like Black.

1. I liked the simplicity of the design as well as the mix of color.

2. I have to get my own. Although I don't prefer white shirts, summer time makes it tough to rock black all the time. I'd also like to see the print quality.

3. Edword is an online friend of mine. He has a distinct style, pretty cool cat IMO. He has won at several online contests including the mother of all, Threadless.

4. I think the placement on this design is perfect. Although chest designs are pretty standard, I do fancy the occasional use of untraditional placement. Sometimes designs are boring even with their placement, but missmonster has some wonderful colorful work. This one is a sweet mix of art with great placement. Check out her website. T-shirts aren't her bread and butter.

5. Somni has some truly awesome art. I envy Somni's ability, distinct style, extraordinary originality and skill. Check the website. This design has some embroidery in the stars. Im curious to see how that came out.

6. I had to buy another one of my designs. They went crazy on this one and printed with 11 colors. I love tattoos, but I would never get one on my body so I'll just wear a tattoo shirt.

1 comment:

missmonstermel said...

Yeah man that black cobra/mongoose shirt is my new favorite and that sonmi shirt is rad as hell.
Thanks for picking up my shirt and for the plug! I really appreciate it! :D