Jun 5, 2008

New Design; Artist Link Arthur De Pins

Arthur De Pins Ffffoud - http://www.arthurdepins.com/

Will be challenging


Anonymous said...

Is the new design going to be in the same vein as the last couple? Similar theme?

Shana said...

Pandas should not be scary. They should be loveable and peaceful Kung Fu fighters with the voice of Jack Black (apparently).

jimiyo said...

not sure about the theme JackMartin. I wanted to make a alphonse mucha-ish image.. not sure if it will end up being that way. prolly just a mishmash of a bunch of creatures. id like to make a school of fish evolving into a flock of birds over the octopus tree, might be too cluttered.

shana, the panda is friendly, hes saying


Anonymous said...

I admittedly had to look up Alphonse Mucha, but there certainly is a similar look even in the sketch. Looking forward to seeing a later version.