Jun 3, 2008

Treetop Serenade Finished; Kelly Vivanco Artist Link; Et Tu?

Kelly Vivanco Ffffound - http://www.kellyvivanco.com/


rachel/mia3mom said...

I love this one, jimi! I would buy it in a heartbeat. :)

good luck with your new submissions!

ameeeee said...

Jimi - I love those last 3 designs, insane detail. I hope you get some wins so I can buy them. Gooood Luck!

Anonymous said...

Lovely use of color in Serenade. Nice job in not overdoing the gradients either.

Et Tu? is just elegantly violent. The armor is just awesome.

jimiyo said...

rachel/mia3mom: thanks mia3mom! i foresee a win for you in the near future.
ameeee: thanks ameeee, have you gone on your trip yet?
jackmartin: hello stranger, i appreciate the kind words.