Jun 5, 2008


My Threadless.com Submission

My Threadless.com Submission



Anonymous said...

I don't really care for LaFraise, and the lack of comments on something like that is why.

Those Threadless submissions will be printed. Sawdust and Diamonds being my favorite.

jimiyo said...

i hope they get printed. la fraise seems alright. the votes are decent on the piece, fingers crossed. i think its good to cross borders. maybe i can be big in the UK but not the US? hehe. thanks Jack Martin! nice blog http://morriconei.blogspot.com/ BTW.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wish you all the luck. My style may be about as far east of your's as possible, but I really love what you're doing.

The euro is worth more than the dollar. Maybe it's not such a bad thing.

Thanks for checking it out.

kat said...


MaggieH said...

Those two Threadless designs are really getting a great response, and getting you a lot of attention over there! I think at least one will be printed (probably Sawdust and Diamonds) and the two have given you a reputation among the Threadless crowd as a heavy hitter. Who knows what you'll look back on in five years as your "turning point" but I think the submission of these two designs will be it. No more ramen noodles or cereal for dinner for you (unless you want it).