May 13, 2008

Whenever I break up or leave...

I make a list of things... similar to a list of grievances. So I can justify my actions. Sometimes I doubt my decision so I have a need to rationalize it. This is my list for leaving woot, beyond the weak voting system.

These are my entries.

Go here to see the winners.

I'm seriously going to have to reconsider my 'become a professional contest winner' strategy. I thought maybe if I submitted decent art I would have a good chance. Certainly DBH has been good to me, but with complex designs taking more than 15 hours to do $500 isnt really a good return on my time when I can pull constant income from freelance gigs.

But, going the way of the freelance gigs, usually means that I have to do work that is not of my choice of subject matter.

So there's the dilemma, make little money back on the type of work I want to do, or get a better return on my time from work that may not be my cup of tea.

I do however get the occasional freelance gig that requests whatever I want to do on a theme, but those do not necessarily pay well.

Maybe in the future they will...

Right now, Im totally demoralized having output a tremendous amount of hours on little or no pay. There is a likelihood I could be nominated for the best of derby at woot, but even if I were to win, it would still not help to recoop the massive hours I put in creating the losing designs.

I feel like quitting art sometimes. It would be so nice to get a comfy decent paying job, settle down in a relationship, and let my hopes of becoming a honored artist dissolve. Im joking and referring to ATHF quote, "but what's it all matter anyways, you know there aint no point."


Freelance New Years Resolution was to hit a meager $24,000 in income. I have hit 72%. It will be an interesting rest of the year...

I seriously need to consider making 50K+ to sustain a home in the future. Preferably I would like an income 50-80K. With freelance, even with 80K, with taxes and expenses like health insurance which I currently do not have, it would be more like a entry level salary job. I should really shoot for six figures. Although money and material goods are not too much a concern for me. I've gotten all the material goods I want currently with the exception of LASIK surgery, which I could afford now, but prefer not to do so. Maybe if I hit my savings goal and exceed it by the cost of $2000-$3000, I will. Which mean about saving $15,000 by the end of the year. We'll see about that. That sounds extreme. I suppose without major bills its not that difficult. I could just get a job and do that... hrm.


Mark said...

Definitely a tough field sometimes..
referring to the Contests..

From a business point of view I try to sell all my contest losers to some of my freelance companies...I'll get some sort of compensation for it...not a total loss...
or use as promo pieces to get more freelance gigs..

Hang in their!..
You def got some good work!

Setup85 said...

Design is looking awesome so far ;)