May 13, 2008

I saw a dead man on the side of the Interstate...

A day or two ago, I was driving on interstate 20-59, and I saw a topless man laying in an odd position on the shoulder with high socks, big sneakers, and shorts.

I did not stop. There were at least 20 vehicles behind me within a half mile distance.

I thought it may have just been a drunk passed out homeless man, but apparently it was not.

*** Wait... the time doesnt match. My experience was just a couple days ago. This says the 10th of April. Who knows. Regardless, a topless man, laying on the interstate shoulder is interesting... something you cant pay a quarter to see.


Setup85 said...

Crazy, the lady in that link is saying he wasent homeless at all.

Lindsay said...

i hope to one day see a homeless man.