May 13, 2008

Contest Submissions this week

Client showed interest, and then moved to 'on the fence' so Im moving on with this design and submitting it to


Jade(d) Dragon - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever - I don't live the lifestyle, but man, I think I could be a force in the Christian tee world. Not because I'm a good artist, but growing up with it, I think I could probably illsutrate some hard hitting imagery from the Bible.

BangbangTshirts - Still pending approval, but I recycled my rejected Threadless KISS Presidents Are u Ready 2 Rock design.

Although I didnt do any art today, I guess I pulled through this day. Got some administrative work done, fixed some links, and recycled some designs.

Im a glutton for punishment so I think Ill do something for Threadless Loves Lollapalooza.

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