May 13, 2008 & No Motivation

I can't seem to get motivated this week. Don't know if it's because I put out so much effort to be so easily defeated at with my 2 solid entries + 2 shoddy ones, or because the drive by competition isn't there.

*** I just opened a folder on my desktop. I just realized I have done 4 full color designs for woot, 2 crappy quickies in the last 2-3 weeks. Definitely not a good return on my money cause I didnt get jack from it.

I've started on this design though.

Et Tu Brutus?


New Christian based shirt contest site.
I hope this site works out, and they have some good success.

They are gonna send me a free iPod shuffle for being one of the first to sign up! How cool is that?

I submitted my Through INRI design. Vote for it, if you like it.... OR MEEEEEEEEEEEEeee. LOL.

I think Im going to relinquish my rights to sell my Hope too as well... I no longer want to sell shirts. It's a hassle.

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