Apr 21, 2008

Update on latest Design & Goals for this Week in War & Mailing List

I spent most the night building a mailing list, so hardly any progress on the design, but its almost 65% done. Just a few more design elements and some shading/color. Although it may depend if I decide to weave a snake or something curvy into the whole design...

Not sure what to name this one.

Goals, Week One of the War, April 21

1. Finish at least two designs. Stretch goal 3.
2. Practice Moonlight Sonata on Piano.
3. Notice of Allowance - Trademark
4. Start War Journal HTML Page

Mailing List - Free Shirt Giveaway Contests

I've started threads at multiple online communities where Im offering free shirts to random post numbers.

It seems to have good results. People are signing up for my mailing list, and people are visiting the Etsy Shop, and voting for my designs at the contest sites. Overall, even though, Ive given out a handfull of shirts, the tactic has also resulted in sales and votes. Imagine that.

Im going to add a signup on the sidebar, once I figure it out.

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Zenne said...

Ooo, piano?

Also, where do I sign up for the mailing list? :D