Apr 21, 2008

Christian Thieves

*** EDIT: As of this morning, the company removed the stolen design and apologized. I posted the information about my DBH design being stolen at a tshirt design site. Apparently about 3-10 people bombarded them with hatemail. LOL. ZOINk!

I was going through all my old emails building a mailing list. With my new pursuit of becoming a professional contest winner, Im hoping to email people to get votes/support as well as maybe inspire young artists to follow their own whims as well.

If you want to sign up for the mailing list, email jimiyo.com@gmail.com.

I'm planning to give out a couple free shirts randomly every time I send out a newsletter, so people won't mind the 'spam' so much. Also it might help to make people sign up.


I never sold these guys my Revelations design as Designbyhumans.com bought from me for $3500.

It's funny that is a Christian based company. Click the link to see my shirt, unskillfully ripped into a one color design.

This guy is obviously not a true Christian. Otherwise he wouldn't misrepresent himself as one while NOT living as one... so don't let this wolf in sheep's clothing lead you astray.

I enjoy the irony inherent their FAQ... that and he signs his emails "Be Blessed."

What the heck does Exalted mean? What are you all about???

Ex·alt·ed – adjective 1.raised or elevated, as in rank or character; of high station: an exalted personage. 2.noble or elevated; lofty: an exalted style of writing. 3.rapturously excited. —Synonyms 1. sublime, grand.

...we all have unique abilities that God gave us and we are going to put every one of those gifts to use.

His apparently is deception.

Our goal is to provide quality clothing at low affordable prices. With the clothing sold and money earned, Exalted Clothing will donate 20% of all proceeds to a different non-profit organization every month...

I bet they don't.


Well, Im sure he's happy he's made money off my art. And let's hope God will forgive him for his indiscretion.


sam said...

huh? how does this happen?

Lindsay said...

get em jimi

Terrace Crawford said...

that stinks. your design is awesome.