Apr 30, 2008

New Contest Submission: Apocalypse Now & Video Tutorial

Apocalypse - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever


And woe, the end of mankind as we know it, happened on this day, six days in the future. Everyone became addicted... to playing GTA IV, and when the copies ran out, they waged riots and anarchy. A real life Grand Theft Auto began the series of events, that eventually caused mankind to destroy their own kind. All that was left was the ruins... and the monkeys.


Baby chimp better not let go...

I'm not sure of it. You don't really laugh, or go Oh Snap! when you look at it. I could have handled the concept/story better.

Goals, Week Two of the War, April 28

1. Finish Two Designs, Work on Mother Mary Piece
2. Submit Finished Tattoo Design
3. Advertise/List All sizes available per shirt. One shirt a day. -TOTAL FAILURE
4. Continue War Journal
5. Send out newsletter
6. Post/Comment at Threadless
7. Set up new computer

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Setup85 said...

Nice emo tutorial hahaha