Apr 29, 2008

Client Work & Computers Suck

I got contacted by my clients, so Im going to pause the contest submissions for a week or two.

jimiyo, You change your mind so much. I know, I know. It's mainly because I don't want to jump ship, or lose the clients longterm. It's fun content, and they've been good to me. (Although, I will not accept any new clients.)

But I should have at least three entries on contest sites by the end of May.


On a similar note, I've been checking out Threadless. It's pretty unpredictable there. Certainly, clever gimmick tees are winners, cute jokey gimmick tees are winners, and then there's the Hrm, how does this fit designs that have no similarities to the mainstream designs. Threadless is an enigma.

So I've decided to submit my Tiger, Keep Fierce design to DBH. They've been good to me, and I have a following there. I trust they would do the best printing. At Threadless, the Tiger design doesnt seem to fit. Possibly a smarter move, possibly the wrong move.

If I submit at DBH, the chances or winning are greater, but the potential gain is less. Only $500+$250 store credit if it wins, and there's only 1 out of 5 chance that it would get Shirt of the Week, then Month, with a potential earning of $3000+$500 store credit.

If I had submitted to Threadless, like any other community, it's a pebble in a pond ripple effect where you start to gain an interested audience. Im sure it would have caught the eyes of some future voters. Ill have to do up another one that's just as hot, but more targeted.

I'm not sure, it's all speculative, but I suppose it's better than indecision.

Indecision is a thief of opportunity, worse than the wrong decision.


I didn't get much art done yesterday. I finally have my new PC setup with the Cintiq, but in the process of upgrading to a 2 ft LCD (aka 24 inch) the native screen resolution of the Cintiq and LCD fought each other resulting in about 2-3 hours of starting/restarting/adjusting/updating drivers. Apparent, at least for my video card, it cannot easily display at 1900x1200 while displaying 1680x1050 on the Cintiq. It likes pairs. Both are now 1680x1050. Whack. I might have to order a video card so they can be displayed independently.

**** I've downgraded. I decided to go back to my 19 LCD and Cintiq, and give my parents the 24 LCD. One day when I move out, I might upgrade again with a second video card, and a large monitor for watching movies, etc.


Shana said...

Mine is 800 x 600. It's the new age of minimalism: less is less.

Dobermann said...

i work on 24'' 1920x1200 is ace and now with 4gb memory for photoshop its all set for world domination :)

Threadless is idd odd, they dont favor modern designs, they favor funny cartoon like style.

Ps. Love your work Jimmy, sad that you dont make vector brushes for sale(i mean YWFT but with right to us e on own shirt designs)someone is willing to pay :D

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