May 1, 2008

New Design: Jade(d) Dragon & DBH Submission

DBH Submission Accepted. PLEASE VOTE!


This goes to all my hommies and my sistas, who are working the 9-5 dreaming about burning up warriors with their breath.

Apparently, this whole design took about 3 hours. I recorded every minute of the digital part, which took about 1.5 hours. The other 1.5 was drawing on pencil and paper and watching 300.

Although I didnt count the brainstorming time, which encompasses alot of my time. Originally it was two office personnel talking, and one was saying "Man, Im drag'n today."

I intend to release a video with tutorials.... maybe. It's a real time suck to make a tutorial. Also I think it would be funny to have an hour of me sitting... just sitting... brainstorming.

Where are the TPS reports!?

*** I went to sleep after I emailed it... and woke up around 4pm to see an interested email. I think I sold it for a tasty booty!

Now, Im really unhappy that, I will spend about 15 hours on a design for which I will only get a third of the booty for a client... Especially if it's going to be sold in Walmart.

1. Finish Two Designs, Work on Mother Mary Piece
2. Submit Finished Tattoo Design

3. Advertise/List All sizes available per shirt. One shirt a day. - STILL A TOTAL FAILURE

4. Continue War Journal
5. Send out newsletter
6. Post/Comment at Threadless
7. Set up new computer
8. Create Video of Jade(d) Dragon Design


kat said...

Ah! I love this. Hilarious, cute, clever... you could win on that contest site that you say you don't win on because all the winning designs are cute and clever. Maybe it's not the same kind of cute and clever that you were talking about. Either way, I think the peeps can relate. In your words: word.

Dan said...

Where Apocalypse is weak, Jade(d) Dragon is strong. Its funny, and the overall idea is clear just from looking at it.

Also, I dig the coffee mug.

rachel/mia3mom said...

love this design! watched the tutorial, and wanted to buy it.

look forward to being able to wear more of your art somewhere.

I agree with kat that the dragon would be a hit at s.w - but I like your cats, too.