Mar 17, 2008

Zoink! Another $1500 Contest Win

"CONGRATULATIONS! We are happy to inform you that the design “Life, Tis Precious” has won our $1500 Weekly Monday Contest."

I think, since having tried for the month of February to just enter contests, I could become a professional contest winner. I figure I could probably earn at least $1500 a month from contests. That would be a low projection for income, as time would pass, residuals would start building up. Also stock vectors derived from these contest shirts could be resold.

I know $1500 is very low income, not something to build a family with, but it would grow, Im making low first year projections.

I think total, in February, I won $3000 in contests without residual for Pirate, Death on a Pale Horse, Life Tis Precious, and Undisclosed piece.

Not only would I be winning money, but if I were to do mainly contests, time would not be wasted doing client work in which, I dont get any real growth as far as popularity.

An artist advised that it would befit me to work for high end employers who have the finances and market to reach millions of customers to build a fanbase. I understand the logic, and reason that it would be a great idea, except that it doesnt allow for as much freedom artistically, in the choice of content. Regardless of the market and reach of powerful company, there's also gonna be the art director, and customer who is going to be telling me what to draw. With my proposed route, its all me. All I have to follow is the contest guideline.

I digress. We'll see, but Im considering not taking in any new clients from now on except for solid money streams like Paramount.


I am also very content about winning this contest, not because of the money, but because this shirt is on my favored theme of living life to the fullest, carpe diem, etc.


heart on fire: follow your heart, let it burn like the sun
diamonds coming out of skull: im an artist, hopefully i will create ' diamonds' of thought and art all my life
skeleton bird, rusted car and tombstone: obvious death is inevitable
crown: pursue, not necessarily wealth, but living for excellence

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