Mar 18, 2008


Kitty (Blue) was walking over all my drawing and I didnt want them to get messed up so I picked her up. Incorrectly, thus resulting in a

Swat across the nose with fierce talons resulting in

A moderately decent 1.5 inch bloody wound on my nose.

Nothing major, but Easton's parents came to fix up some things on the ranch, and Dave saw me and the first words out of his mouth was

"God! What happened to your nose, its the ugliest thing I have ever seen!"

And he proceeded to make mock barfing noises.

I thought that was awesome. Seriously. That's my kind of humor!


Also, Kitty, (Blue again), has taken to leaving mystery dumps in the monkey hut.

The kitties have been doing well to use the bathroom outside in the sand. I can tell because they leave little claw scraping marks where they cover their crap.

But Blue... for some reason, likes to leave stinking poops in the hut. Most of the time, since the odor is fast spreading, it takes a while before I can find the origins of the offensive gift.

She's really cute though....

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kat said...

I fing love the title. I've often questioned that statement. It's appropriate to the art too. Blue make me giggle...