Mar 18, 2008

Temposhark DBH Entry & Tom and the Teapot

I' not much for abstract designs, and here's my attempt at one. Hopefully it somewhat captures the feeling of Temposhark's electronica sound, and appeal. I based my design decisions on looking through their website, and imagery.

This one is named after one of their songs, "It's Better to Have Loved?"

This design reminds me of this heinously ugly shirt my family had from Japan from a high end designer at the time. Maybe its the colors. Dunno.

And here's a doodle I might pursue. It's also a style in which Im not accustomed, which is cartoons.

There's a wonderful story hidden in, I havent found it yet, maybe one day...

Tom and the Teapot
Lost in outer space
Though it did not bother
For Wonderful starlights
Never seen by another
Spotted the great expanse
If such delights exists
What more, if quite far,
we dare to dance?

(Meh, the rhyme aint that good, but the beat... is awesome. - Meatwad)


kat said...

I meant I love the title to the piece in this entry - the abstract art one. drrr..

danieltheo said...
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