Mar 19, 2008

Live Music Archive - David Gray

I found an archive of Live concerts downloadable for free. (Hundreds of artists)

Some of the music is in .shn format which is an obscure file format, but I use winamp and fortunately they had a plugin.

Live Music Archive Site

.SHN Plugin for WinAmp

Please Forgive Me by David Gray has to be one of my most favorite songs. It's connected to many growing pains, like when my grandfather died, when I quit my Dell job, and when a old love and I broke up. She had taken me to a David Gray concert only a few days before we broke up.

The words too are just so poignant sometimes...

Sometimes it seems just so utterly hard to even think about giving up things we love that as David Gray says "I got half a mind to die... [so] I would never have to say goodbye."

He sings it about a girl, but when I listen to it, I feel it about the way this Life is to me sometimes. Also though, if you read my blog sometimes, I feel just the opposite.

I suppose I'm a little off kilter and pensive, not negatively, although somewhat scared, since Im leaving the ranch in less than 7 days.

I was so depressed in hindsight in TN, I just hope if that's where I am to land, I dont go back to dark times.

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